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2010 Staff Recognition Awards

The College of Veterinary Medicine presented its second annual Staff Recognition Awards on July 21 in Overton Auditorium. The program’s purpose is to formally recognize outstanding performance and accomplishment by CVM staff employees, as well as to recognize longevity of employees of the college.

Ray Allen 
Scott-Ritchey Research Center
Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award

Known as the “heart” of theScott-Ritchey ResearchCenter, those who nominated Ray Allen for the 2010 Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award describe him as a “father figure” and as their “go-to” person. An Auburn University Spirit of Excellence award winner, Allen is recognized for exceptional job performance as manager of the animal care unit. “He is a positive, supportive mentor to the animal care staff, including the many undergraduate and professional students who work with him part-time,” said Dr. Nancy Cox, Scott-Ritchey Research Center interim director. “Everybody likes Ray Allen. This is a strong testament to his exceptional interpersonal skills. He is rarely without a smile.”

Allen began his employment with Dr. Frank Hoerlein, former director of the Scott-Ritchey Research Center, before the center existed. Allen was directly involved in the design and construction of the physical building – from the initial groundbreaking and through each renovation. “Ray returns to the center many, many times after hours and on weekends just to make sure things are running well,” said Dr. Cox who presented his award. “Ray Allen is not an 8 to 5 man; he is a 24/7 man.”

Allen has been with Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine for 34 years. He is the first recipient of the Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award. The award was created in 2009 and presented posthumously to Debbie Czerkawski who was an integral part of the clinical pathology lab and the college for eight years. The award is to reflect spirit, enthusiasm, and character.

Hattie Alvis 
Anatomy Physiology and Pharmacology 
Staff Recognition Award

Hattie Alvis has been with theCollege of Veterinary Medicine for eleven years. For the past nine years she has served as office supervisor for the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology. Incredibly efficient, competent, extremely pleasant, and positive are some of the adjectives used to describe Alvis.

APP Department Head Dr. Ed Morrison has worked with her since 2003. “I was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm and commitment to faculty, staff, and students; her efficiency and productivity; and her commitment to the highest standard of performance and professionalism.”

Added Dr. Morrison, “I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable and creative talents of Hattie.  Whether it is an unannounced change in administrative policy, international affairs, or the ever-moving target Banner presents, Hattie consistently masters the problem, but more importantly, she transmits the confidence to office personnel and steadies the office.”

“Having a supervisor to tell you she has faith in your ability to do a job is what every employee needs and wants to hear,” says Debbie Allgood. “She is knowledgeable, courteous, steadfast, confident, and above all, a cheerleader for those who work for her. Hattie is not only my supervisor, she is also my friend.”

Betty Files 
Clinical Sciences / Radiology 
Staff Recognition Award

Betty Files is the chief radiologic technologist for the radiology section in the Department of Clinical Sciences.  Her duties, which are varied, include instructing senior veterinary students, supervising other radiologic technologists, animal health technicians, and an ultrasound assistant.

“Betty’s organizational skills are exceptional,” says Dr. Bill Brawner. In addition to remaining an on-the-floor radiographer, she manages the daily operation of imaging services, schedules and directs other technologists, assures accuracy of the imaging database on a daily basis, orders all supplies, and oversees maintenance of the imaging equipment. “She is personally responsible for nuclear medicine procedures and in the past year, has volunteered to provide continuity in large animal radiography by assuming the added responsibility of performing most of the radiographs in the Large Animal Teaching Hospital.”

Files is described as a competent, self-motivated professional with a positive attitude and a genuine enthusiasm for her job; one who multitasks well. Files, who joined the CVM 20 years ago, is “an outstanding leader of our technologists,” said Dr. John Hathcock, radiology section head. “Faculty, students, staff, and clients throughout the college benefit from all the work Betty does that relates directly to patient care and student instruction at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Kevin King 
Staff Recognition Award

For the past four years, Kevin King (left) has served as a lab technician in the Department of Pathobiology’s platelet laboratory. He is responsible for monitoring inventories, maintaining equipment, and performing day-to-day experiments and assays. He is also responsible for training veterinary and graduate students.

“One mission of our department is to provide diagnostic services to the state of Alabama, the country, and the world,” said Dr. Mary Boudreaux. “Because the type of molecular diagnostics we provide are only performed at Auburn University, we receive samples from around the world, including Europe and Canada. It is imperative our work is accurate and efficient, and that our reputation never be questioned. Kevin steps up to this challenge without waiver.”

Christina Osborne, who participated in the veterinary summer scholars program in Dr. Boudreaux’s lab, describes King as a great mentor: “His motions were so fluid while working with the micropipette; it was like watching a well-trained surgeon who minimized excess motion while closing an incision in order to be more efficient.”

“Kevin can always be counted on and he never objects to assisting others…he is one of the most reliable employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” said Dr. Boudreaux.

Barbara Steele 
Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology 
Staff Recognition Award

“It was not until I left Auburnin 2002 and worked with other lab techs that I fully came to appreciate Barbara,” writes Jay Daniel, Ph.D., atBerry College

Barbara Steele has been with the CVM for over 20 years.  She is a research technician for Dr. Jim Sartin and according to him, “the best technician” he has had in his career. “She can be assigned to develop a new technique…she reads everything she can find, talks to people working in the area, and then comes to me with a written method and a list of problems she foresees. She then tells me how we might solve the problems to be encountered,” said Dr. Sartin.

Steele often teaches graduate and veterinary students, as well as postdoctorate fellows.

Dr. Elaine Coleman knew Steele 18 years ago when she was a doctoral graduate student. “Today as a faculty member in the department, I still find her unbelievably helpful. Barb Steel truly is the most competent individual I have ever worked with in the research lab.”

“I always find it interesting that students, as well as faculty, from other labs will stop by and ask her advice on their projects,” Dr. Sartin said.

Jan Chamblin
Dean’s Award

The Dean’s Award recognizes individuals who are not full-time employees of the CVM or Auburn University, yet provide exemplary service to the college. Jan Chamblin is the coordinator for CVM’s development team.

“Jan has been a development coordinator for the CVM for five years and I have seen firsthand the outstanding job she does for Auburn University and the College of Veterinary Medicine,” said Diana Childers, a development director. “Jan is conscientious, helpful, prompt, and goes the extra mile to ensure that any event or function related to the college proceeds flawlessly.”

Dr. Mary Boudreaux, who has worked with Chamblin for the past several years on Faculty Staff Campaigns and in establishing the endowments for Dr. Pat Teer and Dr. Joe Spano, also nominated her for the Dean’s Award. “She demonstrates the utmost in professionalism, provides excellent customer service, has a wonderful attitude, and no one is better in regard to interpersonal skills,” said Dr. Boudreaux.

“Jan’s job is to manage the office so development officers can get on the road and raise private support for the college,” said Childers. “She is invaluable at ensuring our fundraising success as a team. She is the glue.”

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