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Public Health Minor

About The Program

The undergraduate public health minor is organized on a nationally recognized curriculum consisting of: 

  • three required courses
  • a relevant elective
  • a service learning experience
Curriculum Guide for 
Public Health Education

The three required courses, which can be taken in any order, are expected to be available as a core offering during Summer semesters in 2012. 

Required Courses

1. VBMS 2100 Introduction to Public Health (3 hours)

Introduction to public health through the research activities of 13-16 Auburn faculty members. Read a paper prior to class, listen as a professor explains the field in the first meeting, and discuss the paper and its implications in a second meeting.

Summer Semester, TU & TH 3:30, College of Veterinary Medicine campus

2. VBMS 3010 Introduction to Epidemiology (3 hours)

Introduction to epidemiology, the study of the spread of disease in populations, as a problem-solving skill using narrative and numbers.

Summer Semester, 1-3 PM 120 Greene Hall, College of Veterinary Medicine campus

3. VBMS 4830 Global and Comparative Health Systems (3 hours)

Learn about the complexities of healthcare delivery through an Oxford tutorial of readings and discussion. Topics include insurance, managed care, the uninsured, and other means of providing healthcare.

Summer Semester, 3-5 PM 120 Greene Hall, College of Veterinary Medicine campus

Elective course (3 hours)

Because of the breadth of public health many courses can serve as electives. Among them are courses in sociology, history, health administration, microbiology, virology, entomology, and kinesiology. Readings courses may also be arranged with faculty in a host of relevant disciplines.

Electives must be approved by College of Veterinary Medicine minor coordinator, Dr. James Wright,

VBMS 4910 Observing Needs in Public Health (3 hours)

Participate in a semester-long experience in development or administration of a public health program on campus, in the community, or beyond. Each practicum must be developed in consultation and with approval of the College of Veterinary Medicine minor coordinator Dr. James Wright,, or the coordinator’s faculty designee.

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