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Colic Team

Mission of Colic Team:

To instruct first through third year veterinary students in a case based manner on the diagnosis and treatment of colic through colic cases presenting to the Auburn Large Animal Teaching Hospital.  The student will be expected to:

  1. Take a history from the client in conjunction with the fourth year clinical student and fill out the purple exam form.
  2. Perform a physical examination of the colicky horse (temperature, mucous membrane color, heart rate, respiratory rate, GI auscultation).
  3. Assist the clinician, resident and fourth year students with restraint and examination procedures.
  4. Observe any surgical procedures that result, and participate in assisting the student resident.
  5. Present the case at the Colic Team Meeting, provide differentials, and discuss the cause of colic, options for treatment of the case, and possible preventative measures.

Structure of the Colic Team:

The Colic Team is led by Dr. Amelia Munsterman, who will organize the colic teams on call, and provide a calendar for the students on call.  The students will be placed in groups of 2-4, and will be on call in a rotating schedule.  One person will be elected the leader of each group, and the front desk will notify this person (based on the schedule they are provided) when a colic case is due to arrive.  This person will notify the other members of his/her team.  The group will be expected to arrive before the horse arrives, take a history with the fourth year student, assist in the examination as directed by the student resident, resident, and clinician, and assist in surgery as needed.  A detailed account of the case using the colic examination form will be filled out for each case by one student.  The student or team will present the case at the colic team meetings once a month.  At that time, the case will be discussed with the group in detail, outlining diagnosis, treatment and description of any surgery involved.  If no cases present prior to rounds, Dr. Munsterman will present a case-based discussion on colic in preparation for the National Board Examination.  Direct hands-on colic examinations will also be practiced by the students.

Discussion topics will include:

  • -colic examination
  • -fluid therapy
  • -acid base disorders
  • -blood transfusion
  • -non-abdominal colic
  • -large intestinal disease
  • -small intestinal disease
  • -pro-motility medications

Colic Team Attire and Equipment:

The student will wear khakis and a blue scrub top and solid toe shoes at all times at the clinic.  He or she will be expected to bring clean scrubs for surgery.  Additional items which will be useful will include a stethoscope and thermometer. 

Colic Team Rounds:

Rounds will be held monthly.  The colic team will not meet during the summer or on scheduled holidays.  Cases will be discussed the following week if Dr. Munsterman is involved in an emergency and cannot attend, or a resident may fill in as rounds leader.

Colic Team Membership:

Colic team will be open to all first, second and third year students.  Sign up will occur through email provided to all students.  Students will be expected to participate for an entire quarter if they choose to join.  If at any time a student is unable to participate on the night he/she was scheduled, it is the student’s obligation to provide a substitute, and inform the appropriate person (the team leader or the front desk). 

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