Equine Pharmacy

What We Do

The pharmacy in the Large Animal Teaching Hospital carries a full line of equine veterinary products including total injectable and oral nutrition formulas, surgical beads and gels, and transdermal products. Board-certified pharmacists specializing in veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics are available around the clock for client consultation.

Pharmaceutical Services provides a quality dispensation program of all medications administered to veterinary teaching hospital client animals.  The pharmacy is approved and certified as a veterinary institutional teaching hospital pharmacy.

Services include: Compounding, Consultant Services, Veterinary Student and Clinician Training, Parenteral Pharmacy, and a Preceptor for Pharmacists and Doctor of Pharmacy Students. Specialists for small and large animal pharmacy are available to include 3 board-certified veterinary pharmacists through the International College of Veterinary Pharmacy (ICVP) with a combined 65 years of expertise. Pharmacists are available daily to provide current drug information to students, clinicians, technicians, students and referring practitioners.

The pharmacy assists in all aspects of the College of Veterinary Medicine Missions to include a strong service program, outreach, research and extension.  Classes are available for both veterinarians and pharmacists in veterinary pharmacy law, pharmacology, compounding, pharmaceutical safety, drug stability and drug interactions of medications. The veterinary program is approved for continued education in Alabama and Florida. 

Medication safety instructions for clients and animals are available from the pharmacists.  The pharmacy also has a well-trained staff with four certified pharmacy technicians to assist in the daily operations of the program.

The goal of the pharmacy practice is to provide a quality, pleasant and efficient mechanism for safe and accurate dispensing and instructions for administering all medications to animals.  

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