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Facility Description

MoFlo - Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility Description for use in Grant Proposal Preparation

Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Auburn University:

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility consists of the newest generation of flow cytometers, a new 9 color, 11 parameter Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP equipped with 405, 488 and 642 nm lasers.  This instrument was selected because of its greatly improved analytical sensitivity/facility, low coincidence rate and high sorting capability/rates.  The MoFlo system allows rapid and efficient sorting and more complex analytical approaches.  As a safety feature this system provides effective control of aerosol production through aggressive filtration. Summit software is used for analysis and provides excellent facility in analyzing complex populations of cells.  The core is supervised by Dr. R. Curtis Bird who serves as director of the facility and staffed by an experienced full-time flow cytometry manager.  An advisory committee of experienced PIs with significant interests in cytometry advises in the management of the core facility to ensure it continues to serve the needs of the research community.  Cytometry and cell sorting is provided on a cost-reimbursement basis subsidized for all users at a cost of $50/hour to promote use of and access to the facility.  Dr. Bird and the facility staff provide consultations as needed in protocol design and development as well as refinement of sample preparation protocols and data analysis.  Summit software training and workshops are also offered to facilitate development of applications by new cytometry user/clients.



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