Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr. B.J. Newcomer
    The Three Q's of Colostrum Management

    Auburn's Dr. Benjamin Newcomer on the Importance of Colostrum Management for Calves

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  • Sara Bordelon
    What is MMVD?

    Auburn Veterinary Cardiologist, Dr. Sara Bordelon On Myxomatous Mitral Valve Degeneration.

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  • Dr. Tekla Lee-Fowler
    Dr. Tekla Lee-Fowler on Toxoplasmosis

    What is it? How we come in contact with it, and how to reduce the risk.

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  • Przewalski's Foal
    First Wild Horse Species Born From Artificial Insemination

    Auburn Veterinarian, Dr. Aime Johnson collaborates to benefit species conservation in the Przewalski's (Cha-VAL-skee) horse .

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Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Veterinary Summer Scholars Program


For information on the Summer Scholars Research Program contact Dr. Juming Zhong ( 

(At the present time we are waiting for the grant award letter from the Merial. Once we received the award letter, we will update the list of faculty mentors and their research).  

About the Program

The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (AUCVM) invites veterinary students interested in participating in a mentored research program during the summer of 2015 to apply to our Veterinary Scholars Research Program. The Program is co-sponsored by the Merial Veterinary Scholars Program and the AUCVM.

The purpose of the program is to promote intensive involvement of veterinary students in laboratory research with faculty at the AUCVM. Summer scholars work on research projects that will enable them to test hypotheses, pursue specific objectives, conduct “bench” research, interpret data, and present their research findings. Mentors for the students are highly experienced research faculty with established research programs. They are enthusiastic advocates for the Summer Research Program enriching the experience with expert lectures and workshops designed to train scholars in the practice of science as well as directing the scholars’ research projects. 


Applicants must be veterinary students who have completed their first or second year of a veterinary-professional program within the United States.  Veterinary students who possess an MS or PhD degree or who are currently enrolled in a graduate program are not eligible. 

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