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Referral Form

The following form may be completed by veterinarians only who are referring clients to the Auburn University Small Animal Hospital.  

For emergencies, call 844-4690 and choose option 3 from the menu. 

Please complete all fields below and press the SEND button. You will receive an on-screen recap of your submission as well as an email confirmation.  Please verify that you have not left off any information for fields with an asterisk, as these are required. 

A valid e-mail address is required to use this form. Please enter the e-mail address of the referring veterinarian carefully.  

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You will receive a printable confirmation (via email) for your records. If you do not receive an email confirmation within the hour, first check your "spam" folder.  You will not receive email confirmation if your email address was entered incorrectly, however we may still have received your referral. If you are unsure, please contact us at 334-844-4690 (option 3).

Once you have submitted this referral, please allow a minimum of two hours for data entry before having your client call us at 334-844-4690 to schedule the appointment.  Please send supplemental patient records and lab work by email ( or fax (334-844-6034) to the attention of:  Meredith Smildsin, Referral Coordinator.  Digital imaging can be emailed to Radiology ( or sent directly to our server via DICOM.  Please include the patient/owner name as well as the service your patient is being referred to.  If you need additional details about sending imaging, please contact Meredith Smildsin at 334-844-5230.  This phone line is for the service of referring veterinarians and their staff only.    

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I am a licensed veterinarian practicing within the United States. All of the information entered in this form is accurate and trustworthy to the best of my knowledge. If this statement is true, please type your initials in the following box. *
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Date and Time Submitted: 3/5/2015 4:24 am
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The faculty of the Small Animal Hospital recognize that the basis for proper medical referral care and communication begins with the information you provide.

Appointments are necessary, but every attempt will be made to make your client feel welcome. It will help your client to know that the Small Animal Hospital does not routinely bill. Payment by cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard is accepted. Care Credit is available if requested by the owner.  A deposit of the median point between the high and low estimate is due on admission and the balance is due on discharge.

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