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Anesthesia and Pain Management

Research focus in this area is development of anesthetic management strategies, safe use of drug combinations and reversal agents in field and general anesthesia, improved anesthetic monitoring, and evaluation of present and future pain medications.

Hui Chu Lin
, DVM, MS, DACVA, Professor of Anesthesiology: 
My research has always focused on development of various drug combinations, such as xylazine, ketamine, guaifenesin, telazol and detomidine, to be used as injectable anesthetic regimens for practitioners of various species in the field.   Along with development of safe and effective anesthetic regimens, I have shown the safety and efficacy of reversal agents in llamas and calves.  I have examined the use of DMSO in horses under inhalation anesthesia and showed that DMSO does not increase anesthetic risks.  

Glen Sellers
, MS, MBA, clinical instructor of anesthesia.
My research interests include veterinary clinical anesthesia, pharmacokinetics of anesthetic drugs, and pain management in large animal species. I have collaborated extensively with Dr. Lin and other Auburn clinicians and examined the pharmacokinetics of ketamine and lidocaine in dairy cattle, gabapentin for pain management in horses, and isoflurane vs. sevoflurane in small ruminants.   

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