Pathogen Transmission

Dr. Paul Walz

Dr. Walz’s research interests involve infectious diseases of food animals, and his primary research focus is bovine viral diarrhea virus infection in cattle.  Specific research interests include examining immunosuppression associated with BVDV infection in cattle, infection and disease in non-bovine hosts, and investigations on the metabolic costs associated with BVDV infection in cattle.  

Dr. Shonda Marley

Dr. Shonda Marley’s ongoing research activities include use of a novel antiviral agent in the treatment and prevention of BVDV infection. Current research focuses on vaccination for control of abortions caused by BVDV and bovine herpes virus (BoHV-1) in cattle.  Dr. Marley’s past research involved in- vitro (IVF) bovine embryo production and antiviral treatment of BoHV-1- associated IVF embryos.


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